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Following the success of "Fight for Show! - Teens" (2018-20), "Fight for Show! - Next Door" was again funded by Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) of Home and Youth Affairs Bureau, HKSAR. The three-year project was successfully launched in July 2020, run by Newzpire and Active Concept. Inherited the concept of "Edutainment" with a model "Community-School-Business-media" and connected to different stakeholders in the society, the project equips students with various skills as the content producers. The programmes are all about "Disability Inclusion", "New Estate Comers", "Green & Sustainable Life", "Ethnic Minority", "Technology for Good" and "Happy Ageing", everyone can freely enjoy our programmes on our "Social TV" platform!


The platform “Social TV” is set up where the programmes are shot in the same way for television production, but in a lesser scale, so that the students and volunteers could grape the idea of how to create and produce content in a short time. With the guidance from tutors from the media industry, they are expected to produce diversified shorts.

School Involvement

We recruit community-caring students, whether in primary schools or secondary schools, to learn about the production process of non-story and story programs, program ideas, shooting and post production, operating channels and marketing campaign. The project encourages studens to unleash their creativities, to create and interpret videos from their perspectives, attract the audience to watch the videos and lead to deeper thinking. 

Community Engagement

The project adopts the model of “Community-Residents-Business-Government” and the concept of “Edutainment”, training up participants to create video contents, related to issues in community with empathy.

Community Communication

We hope that the programmes would raise awareness in community involvement among the stakeholders and therefore build a social capital network. The students would also run the social media platform to reach more local people; the best of their work will also be submitted to related festivals so that the world could know their talents as well as the messages behind.

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Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) was set up by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2002 to implement diversified social capital development projects in the community, promote reciprocity between the public and different sectors, and build together cross-sectoral collaborative platforms and social support networks. The Fund seeks to build social capital – to garner mutual trust, spirit of cooperation and social cohesion, and enhance mutual support among individuals, families and organisations so that our community can grow from strength to strength.


Energise the Community Build a Caring Society !



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